The Last Reserve: From The eye of Russia

Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man Recreated on Arctic Sea Ice

Social Reason :- Every worker is working for the future of Russia the Naulsky workers are looking for petroleum & gas but once they find it it would be more like striking gold. The Nation holds the responsibility for the upcoming generations. and the workers in the camp are aware of the well being of Russia depends on it’s natural resources.

Economical Reasons :- Russia’s well being is depending on it’s natural resources. Apart from it’s material, the country has little trade to offer to the world. at the moment, About 50% of the direct and indirect government revenue comes from the production of oil & gas. the price of the oil barrel is $115 U.S or above would pump the budget, as per the formal finance minister Mr. Alexei kudrin. but the nation is likely to face up deficit as the price sank to less that $90 US on 26 June 2012.

Naulsky on rescue(254 km north of the arctic circle):- The storm has abated slightly and about 200 men based at camp no.2 are heading to dig the gold. the tundra is flat & desolate up to the horizons. it does not even have a smell. A drill hit the soft ice, penetrating the ground. The mud gushes out, first light brown in color and then darker it becomes with the depth. The drilling machine stop after 15 meter so quickly that there is barely time to sip a coffee and next bore hold is 50 meter away and then the next and the next. The bore holes are continue all long in winter in tundra.

Achimgaz gas drilling well in Novy Urengoi, Siberia, Russia.a few days later, another group of delegate staff setup dynamite into boreholes and lay labels with echo-meters perpendicular to the rows of holes. This time dynamite explode, the echo-meters record the waves that the layers of soil emit. The seismographic profile of green Zig-Zag trees flicker across the computer screen at the camp. By analyse these graphs, the experts back in San peters-burg can now advice the company where to drill. This survey service are provided at seven exploration blocks at last count with an annual turnover of about $36 million.

The geologist doesn’t exactly know how much oil there is in the north, as they can see it but merely conclude it by identifying soil strata. that look as if they might hold deposit of oil & gas.


the US geologist survey concludes from the research that ex-tractable oil & gas with a calorific value of 13 billion tons is equivalent of about 1/5 of global reserve, Could be present in the north of Arctic circle. but this could be possible that the Arctic are far less that what is believe.


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