The Last Reserve: a race to get the Gold into the Cold


The Human Aliens has stepped down their feet beyond the Myth called “Our Home Planet Earth”. Hence, why the homiest pull back to excrete the depth of our land ‘Arctic’.

By just sitting on their ass on a couch in Andreevsky ballroom of Moscow’s renaissance hotel in Russia, The Whites has set their forces to dig the Arctic’s natural resources. yes, the Arctic gold reserve of petroleum & gas. once considered inaccessible and enviable is now can not slip off from the hands of Naulsky Soldiers.

In year 2010, the Oil production fields sank by almost 5%, the oldest deposits are running dry. Almost what flowing through pipes at Ardalin today is 85% water . Extraction will soon flow away with the massive demand. Thus, Petroleum & Oil reserve are running dry elsewhere. On the other hand Russia is set for rescuing the necessity.

Why Only Russia In Arctic?

Owning The Arctic: Every country can enforce the right to explore & exploit down it’s resources within 200 nautical miles of it’s coast. {conflicts arises when there are overlapping between two countries claims}

For instance, The US and Canada contradicting in a dispute over their maritime boundary whether this should follow the orientation of the existing land border run equidistant between the two countries coasts. Thus, Several coast, Island & Underwater areas are also disputed.

In the year 2001, Russia enforce to control over 1.2 million km Sq. of the Arctic land including the north pole , this is reiterated by planting a Russian flan on the seabed . Denmark too wants ownership rights over the North pole and plans to stake it’s claims with in United Nations . but other nations question why this right should be limited to lands adjacent to the shores. The center of the Arctic lies within the International zone and it use should, as such, be open to all countries of the world. Four decades Norway & Russia fought over the demarcation of boundaries in this marginal sea of the Arctic ocean.


In year 2010, the dispute resolved with Russia’s victory with the right to explore Arctic. Hence, Russia left with 22% of the world’s untapped & untouched oil reserves are claimed to be in the Arctic; littoral sites are already operating dozens of oil wells on the both sides of the Arctic Circle.


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