Close Encounter/Approach with Meteorite DA14

Fantasia Painting
After a very long time period of Confusion, Fear, Excitement and  Fake Predictions  about the Extinction of life on Earth. Finally we are here and living our very own 2013  to it’s full and all those predictions about December,21,2012 were just not more that Hypothesis.
  • Here we got something raw to talk about:-

As we all have heard about a close Encounter with a METEORITE across the Sky in eastern Russia last night.

Weighing 7000 Tonnes of Meteorite

Weighing 7000 Tonnes of Meteorite

left more that 1,000 injured and still counting, However today we have something interesting to know about and to learn because what we are about to witness  is unbelievable. and that unbelievable is a close approach of  Asteroid DA14.

Path Taken By Asteroid DA14

Path Taken By Asteroid DA14

But there is no reason to worry about as  N.A.S.A confirmed that  this asteroid will cause no Harm to our So called planet Earth and it’s living. Asteroid DA 14 has approximately a diameter of 50 metres (equals to 160 ft.) and passing by 27,650 km equals to 17,150 miles far from Earth and the closest approach of DA 14 will be Eastern Indian Ocean, Off Sumatra.   Positioning:- Latitude: -6 deg South. / Longitude: 97.5 deg East.

There is no chance of asteroid 2012 DA 14  might be on a collision course with Earth.

Stay Updated Stay Raw

Stay Updated Stay Raw


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